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Reinvention: Coming Full Circle

When the mindset chains broke, I realized that I was able to design what I wanted to say on paper once again. I had the freedom to express myself. I had the freedom to help change lives, and I was being paid to do it! That is when it all began to return, full circle!

The Choice – Splendor

We were stranded, as we had been so many times before. Depressed describes my initial state of mind. Why again? Why can they not fix this truck once and for all? Such a lack of progress! Within an hour I had every notebook and device that I carry with me balanced across the dash, the … Continue reading The Choice – Splendor

Letting It Go

Who was she? We were leaving the parking lot when I noticed a large white handbag laying on the grass next to the curb. "Stop, stop, stop! There's a ladies purse out there!," I said to my husband as I pointed out the window. He stopped the truck. While I called the management at the … Continue reading Letting It Go

Thank A Truck Driver

What an eye opener our new business has been! I never realized how much of what we use daily, without a thought as to how it got into our hands - besides a trip to the grocery store, is hauled in a van (trailer) on our interstate systems by a truck driver. In our short … Continue reading Thank A Truck Driver

Where The Winds Come Sweepin’ Down The Plain

I see a scene from window of the truck - without much imagination - that looks like we could be home in Ohio or Indiana. It appears to be rather common winter weather with snow and wind. But here, it is a blizzard warning. We were detained several days ago due to a short load. … Continue reading Where The Winds Come Sweepin’ Down The Plain

And Three Makes A Crowd

When we say family business, we mean family.  Diesel makes three. He doesn't really make a crowd, but I'll tell you a bit about  his ride with us. A few days ago, a driver in a UPS truck rolled down his window as I walked past. I was startled when he yelled out, "I love … Continue reading And Three Makes A Crowd

Homeland – The Journey Through

I have always had an intense love for animals - especially dairy cows, and beautiful Holstein's. I am so grateful for the blessing that I had for a number of years - for the dairy goats, their kids, and the wonderful creamy goat milk soap that I was able to produce! It helped with my … Continue reading Homeland – The Journey Through

Awesome Process

After dropping a loaded trailer near Baltimore, we picked up an empty trailer from the lot. Low and behold, after we pulled away and had traveled down the interstate a number of exits we discovered that the trailer had bad brakes. It was a sloppy cold rainy day combined with heavy morning traffic in the … Continue reading Awesome Process

A Friendly Thank You to Tennessee

I am a private type of person. Home is my castle. I love the quiet. I absorb the time to stretch out and not think about anything except whatever I want - or need - to think about. As my friend, Ginger Moore of Neos Creations, says (so well), "Every woman needs her pampering time." … Continue reading A Friendly Thank You to Tennessee

Trucking Life – A Week of Delays

As truck driving goes, without a speck of a doubt I will be saying these words again, this was a week filled with delays. We sat in a truck repair yard from morning until sundown in Baltimore.  Later, we sat for twenty-four hours while waiting for a load in Georgia. The large paper mill kept experiencing … Continue reading Trucking Life – A Week of Delays