Scrapping My Book Plans (For Now)

My desire in life is to not write what the itching ears want to hear. My goal is to write the truth. I do not want to steer anyone away from God's truth through either verbal or written word. My thoughts wrap around how easily words are miscontrued in today's society. 

5 Valuable Types of Journal Keeping

A personal journal is also a meditation tool. My journal is a place where I empty out my thoughts, random or otherwise, and as I write I am carried off deep into the wilderness of my mind. Scary, right? Not so much. I find answers, I find peace, and I find where I want to go next (from here, from today). Think about it. I am talking about me and my life as I write. No holds barred. I write and then I am able to unlock as the words flow.

First Steps – How To Turn Your Love Of Words Into Written Expression

We all have room to perfect our writing skills, and that does happen with practice, study, and a lot of reading, meaning, read everything that you can get your hands on --- each and every day. Reading helps a writer identify writing styles, proper grammar, spelling, and it sharpens the writer's editing skills.

Nourishing my Soul With Writing

With the study of my intentions this season, I have realized how I have let soulful creativity go to the wayside. Pleasure and peaceful soul nourishment comes to me through writing. One of my favorite coaching questions to ask my clients is: Name one thing you do that leads you to forget about time, environment, your … Continue reading Nourishing my Soul With Writing


8 Things That I’ve Learned From A Blogging Challenge

I am at the middle point of the Indie Business Blog Your Brand Challenge. I will admit, there were nights when I thought I was too tired or too busy to stick with the blog ballgame. I am determined to cross the finish line. Officially, this my 954’st blog post. I am an oldie blogger, … Continue reading 8 Things That I’ve Learned From A Blogging Challenge

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You Want to Write, But You Think You Can’t

So, you love to write, yet you think you can’t? Of course you can! For starters, you enjoy or long to express yourself on paper. Right? You may keep journals, and you may find writing to be therapeutic. Writing has become one of your "happy places" in life. If you have nodded your head “yes” to some of this, you … Continue reading You Want to Write, But You Think You Can’t

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30 Days of Blogging

I am participating in the  Indie Business Network Blog Your Brand Challenge. This means I committed to publishing a blog post, one a day, for thirty days. Luckily, I own three blogs so I can spread out some of the topics that I will be writing about. To be crystal clear here, I panicked after I typed the challenge … Continue reading 30 Days of Blogging

Yellowed Pages

It is true, our nose cannot detect what our heart is moved by. When I open this yellowed book and bury my face into the pages I breathe in the scent of an abundance of words, history, and the center of my being calls out don't let it go away. An old yellow book --- … Continue reading Yellowed Pages

Your Creative Sandbox

It is your sandbox. Play in it. What do you own that nobody can take away? Your thoughts and creativity. Do you yearn for others to stop and share in your keep you on track? Does this cause you hesitation in your personal pursuits? Feel the sun on your back. Feel the freedom in … Continue reading Your Creative Sandbox

Some – Overused and Non-Descriptive

Dear Writing Friends, You may be the only the only people on this planet that understand this crazy (but fun) focus on written words! The word that currently has my attention is some: "I went to the store and bought some ice cream." "I saw that you have some books on display." "I read some … Continue reading Some – Overused and Non-Descriptive