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WRiting nourishes the soulWith the study of my intentions this season, I have realized how I have let soulful creativity go to the wayside.

Pleasure and peaceful soul nourishment comes to me through writing.

One of my favorite coaching questions to ask my clients is: Name one thing you do that leads you to forget about time, environment, your problems, EVERYTHING? How I personally answer that question: when I write.

To me, writing is like a painting. I see a landscape. I see color. I pick up the paintbrush and I dip it into paint (I move my fingers across the keyboard) and colors begin to glide across the screen (my inner-thoughts). I share my inner-most through the nature of my mind. I encourage. I build. I pour it out, and the world goes away — whoosh — it vanishes.

There was a time, about a decade ago, when I didn’t know that I had the itch (niche?) to write. One day, I heard an urging from God, “You will write.” I was mortified — me, write? I felt a response come forward, “Yes. I’ll put everything you need in your heart and head. You simply do the writing.”

I started a blog. Then another, and another (I currently have a handful here that are in operation, here, here, and here, and some are sadly neglected. Not for long.).

I don’t believe in putting all of your eggs in one basket come New Year’s Day. Goals, intentions, are hard to meet…but…I do believe in nourishing your soul. I believe when you are internally fulfilled, you are released to reach your full potential.

Today, my intentions are to reach that potential in 2018!


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I am at the middle point of the Indie Business Blog Your Brand Challenge. I will admit, there were nights when I thought I was too tired or too busy to stick with the blog ballgame. I am determined to cross the finish line.

Officially, this my 954’st blog post. I am an oldie blogger, not a newbie. I have un-officially, counting a couple of blogs that I’ve scrapped when I’ve reinvented myself, published over 1,000 blog posts.

I needed a big b-l-o-g-g-e-r-sized nudge, however, and here’s the transparent truth in the values that this blog challenge brought to surface for me:

  1. I had drifted away from frequent blogging. I have re-discovered that I have plenty to write about. Life itself blooms with topic upon topic.
  2. Deliberate writing is a mindset that becomes habit.
  3. I have met new friends through blogs, and I’ve discovered things that I didn’t know about old friends.
  4. In the business of social media, my followers have increased through blogging.
  5. Small businesses support small business, and bloggers support bloggers. Need I say more?
  6. I have been uplifted, and I have learned through reading my comrade’s blogs.
  7. I enjoy blogging. What would the world be like without the freedom to write?
  8. Blogging is a part of our online voice. Unique, and self-owned.

In reality, blogging is an integral part of social media that I, or any small business owner, should not ignore. Blogging can be free, or inexpensive, and it only takes minutes to accomplish. Three hundred words, an average-sized blog post, is fairly simple and quick to write.

What have you learned from this blog challenge (if you are part of it), or from blogging in general? I have heard “experts” say that blogging is a dying form of social media, do you agree? What do you like or dislike about blogging?

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how to start writingSo, you love to write, yet you think you can’t?

Of course you can!

For starters, you enjoy or long to express yourself on paper. Right?

You may keep journals, and you may find writing to be therapeutic.

Writing has become one of your “happy places” in life.

If you have nodded your head “yes” to some of this, you may be a writer.

My advice is to write, and keep on writing. Read, and read a lot.

Write every day. Gradually build up to 100 words a day. Soon, you’ll pen 200 – 300 words in no time flat.

To get started, try writing about any topic or thought that you want to express. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. If you cannot think of a specific theme to write about, start with one sentence (focus on one thing from your day, for example) and build on that. Just start writing. It does not matter how bad you think your writing is, just write. Editing comes later, much later.

When you cannot think of anything to write about, try scrolling through graphics or photos. I usually write my blog posts first, and then I select a graphic or photo, but it also happens in reverse. Photographs inspire me to write.

Your writing will improve on its own when you purposely write every day, and especially when you combine it with proliferous reading. You’ll find your own writing style, and you will also notice differences in writing styles. You will learn to observe, and even work at picking up the writing style(s) that you love.

File or save everything that you have written. This is where journals come in handy. By hanging on to what you’re written, because you never know when you might want to write a book, or start a blog, you’ll always have a starting place.

Thoughts itching to be written are wasted, lost, vanished for good, when they go in the trash (or are never penned to begin with). Trust me, I have to grab a piece of paper, a voice recorder (my phone), or a sticky note when a fresh idea pops into my head. If I depend upon memory, the moment passes and it never gets written. Inspiration tends to dwindle once it is pushed to the back burner. My husband is very aware of this. He’ll toss a used envelope at me and say, “Write it down, now!” Your family and friends may not want to read your writing, but they will become your support system when they hear you say, “I feel writing coming on.”

Some additional signs that you might be a writer:

  • You dream about writing
  • Writing was a childhood passion of yours
  • You’ve dream of screen writing
  • Writing has been a hobby for as long as you can remember
  • You feel you cannot stop writing
  • You are a day dreamer, and it has to be put into words

If you want to write, I hope this post has inspired you. If you already write, then I hope you have found renewed inspiration.

Do you love to write? When did you discover your passion for writing? How did you get beyond doubt in yourself as a writer? What is your best advice for an aspiring writer?


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small business, bloggingI am participating in the  Indie Business Network Blog Your Brand Challenge.

This means I committed to publishing a blog post, one a day, for thirty days. Luckily, I own three blogs so I can spread out some of the topics that I will be writing about. To be crystal clear here, I panicked after I typed the challenge acceptance words “I am in!” It was a quick decision. A kick in the seat of my pants. The busy days of this season just got busier and I instantly felt the “I am short on writing topics” thud in the pit of my stomach. Shame on me for not having a list of topics on hand. This is a must for a writer!

Writing this blog is super enjoyable, though, specifically because this is where I spill my thoughts out. This is my writer’s blog, and every writer needs one (in my estimation). We need a place to write outside of our business, outside of our paid writing projects. THIS is that place for me.

This is where you get to know me. This is where I share my world through words. This is where I add kindle (words) to the fire, let the blaze burn down (enjoy my words, and challenge myself to add pizzazz), and relax in front of the warmth of the embers (freed from the words that were sizzling to get out).

Please jump in and comment as we, a group of small business owners, support each other in this challenge.

If you are an author, or not, do you also find your blog to be a place of enjoyment, beyond a place to work on your business? Do you find that this is where we combine work with pleasure? Or do you feel my thoughts reflects those of a person that loves to write, and writing is not enjoyable for you — blog or not?

PS. This is day 2, my first blog post of this challenge is published at my Mary Humphrey Coaching  site (here).

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old books www.hispasturepress.comIt is true, our nose cannot detect what our heart is moved by. When I open this yellowed book and bury my face into the pages I breathe in the scent of an abundance of words, history, and the center of my being calls out don’t let it go away.

An old yellow book — the feel of paper in my hands, and a treasured reference with soothing pages rather than a cold electronic box.

Will the children of our future understand the grounded warmth we feel when we walk into the library as it is today, and as it was yesterday?

Don’t let it go…don’t let it get away.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
– Charles William Eliot

The librarian says, “We cannot give these things (books) away.” I think we need to build libraries into our homes. What a rich place it is for someone to spend their time, away from television and computers, a place where we use our own imagination and free our brains. What do you think, is it possible?

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It is your sandbox. Play in it.

What do you own that nobody can take away?

Your thoughts and creativity.

Do you yearn for others to stop and share in your passions…to keep you on track? Does this cause you hesitation in your personal pursuits?

Feel the sun on your back. Feel the freedom in the breeze.

Sit down in your sandbox and allow the grains to sift through your fingers. Create your unique sculpture – the gift that sits within your mind.

This is your time.

It is your sandbox. There are no limitations. Play in it.

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Dear Writing Friends,

You may be the only the only people on this planet that understand this crazy (but fun) focus on written words!

The word that currently has my attention is some:

“I went to the store and bought some ice cream.”

“I saw that you have some books on display.”

“I read some before bed.”

“I have some things to talk with you about.”

“There are some loaves of bread in the cabinet.”

Some = a certain unspecified number, amount, or degree

I recently read an email from a friend. I will admit, after several sentences which included the word some, I found myself singling out that word instead of following the intended content of the message.

As a writer, one of our goals is to drop words that are unnecessary. As we read, and as we gain experience in writing, we sharpen our editing skills, and painfully, we find ourselves looking at not only our own writing, but anything in print that pops into our world. We are naturally obsessed with this craft!

“I went to the store and bought some a gallon of ice cream.”

“I read some for a short while few minutes before I went to bed.”

“There are some several loaves of bread in the cabinet.”

Experts tell us to write in our natural voice. Oh yes, that leads me to hone in on my personal speech! As I speak today, I find myself stopping in mid-sentence to not say the word (shhh!) some.

Next week, the word some will be imbedded in my writer’s brain as a permanent fixture, and the next soon-to-become-endangered word will emerge. I already saw a glimpse of two grouped together non-descriptive words in a sentence above, “short while.”

My writing friends, is there any hope for us?


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