Homeland – The Journey Through


I have always had an intense love for animals – especially dairy cows, and beautiful Holsteins.

I am so grateful for the blessing that I had for a number of years – for the dairy goats, their kids, and the wonderful creamy goat milk soap that I was able to produce! It helped with my yearning for a sustainable dairy farm.

In our new family business, as team truck drivers, we’ve traveled across the New England states and some of the southern states. I am enjoying time away from the farm, seeing new places.

Several hundred years ago, ancestors from my maternal grandmother’s side of the family traveled across the ocean from Switzerland. They settled as Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Recently, we delivered a load of fast-food items to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. God led us through the back roads. I say this because when we left the county we realized we could have taken much easier roads in.

As we drove through the county I drank in the beautiful sites – thousands of Holstein dairy cows, gorgeous old stone farmhouses, Amish buggies by the hundreds sitting at various locations (for church that Sunday morning).

And then we crossed under a bridge and I saw our family name, which is the name of the road. Obviously, our family has grown at some point.

What a gift, what a treat, to see with my own eyes! God has his hand in this, no doubt.

Truck driving is not easy. I will definitely be writing a lot on the topic. But, there are such wonders to see, and positive things to behold.



2 thoughts on “Homeland – The Journey Through

    • Mary Humphrey says:

      That haul meant a lot to me. A lot of our Mennonite friends from Ohio are from the same area in Pennsylvania. We kept joking about running into them there, while visiting, as well. And we saw their family names in places too. It was enjoyable, and a wonderful blessing.

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