Awesome Process

After dropping a loaded trailer near Baltimore, we picked up an empty trailer in the lot. Low and behold, the trailer had bad brakes. It was a sloppy cold rainy day combined with heavy morning traffic in the city. We inched our way to a yard for repair only to be told it would take … Continue reading Awesome Process


A Friendly Thank You to Tennessee

I am a private type of person. Home is my castle. I love the quiet. I absorb the time to stretch out and not think about anything except whatever I want - or need - to think about. As my friend, Ginger Moore of Neos Creations, says (so well), "Every woman needs her pampering time." … Continue reading A Friendly Thank You to Tennessee

Trucking Life – A Week of Delays

As truck driving goes, without a speck of a doubt I will be saying these words again, this was a week filled with delays. We sat in a truck repair yard from morning until sundown in Baltimore.  Later, we sat for twenty-four hours while waiting for a load in Georgia. The large paper mill kept experiencing … Continue reading Trucking Life – A Week of Delays

The Journey Begins – The First Day At Work

While waiting for our trailer to be loaded, I shot this Spring-In-November photo. What a colorful site as we head into winter. I call myself the "Truck Driver In Training" - not yet driving. I pay attention to everything that I can. Are you a person that pays attention to mile markers? I never did, … Continue reading The Journey Begins – The First Day At Work

The Journey Begins

Red tape, paperwork, effort, and a tremendous amount of patience successfully meshed a few days ago when we drove our truck down the driveway. Let the journey begin! How did it feel? It felt liberating in the sense that we were going to begin earning a living as a family again. Family businesses are at the … Continue reading The Journey Begins