Where The Winds Come Sweepin’ Down The Plain

oklahoma blizzard www.mary__humphrey.com

I see a scene through the window of our truck. Without using much imagination, it looks like we could be home in Ohio or Indiana. It appears to be a rather common winter weather with snow and wind. But here, it is a blizzard warning.

We were detained several days ago due to a short load. We waited through the twenty-four hours as paper towels were made. Finally set free, with thousands of pounds of fresh paper towels in tow, we gave notice to the receiver that we would arrive by two o’clock the next day, Christmas Eve.

At one forty-five p.m., Christmas Eve, we arrived at the empty receiver’s dock.  They had left at one o’clock for the holiday.  So, we parked for the night on an empty, not yet developed, industrial park road.

Today, as I write this, it is Christmas Day. It hasn’t been so bad. We purchased cold cuts and bread at the local Wal-Mart. Sam Walton would not like knowing, however, that the store wouldn’t allow semi parking at the end of their lot. We did it anyhow to get our shopping accomplished. We may not have a traditional Christmas dinner today, but we are warm, dry, fed, hydrated, and together. Together and fed are the key things.

Back to the weather…the truck is rocking from the wind. Being that I see Oklahoma ranches on three sides of the truck, and the wind has a fury to it, the famous jolly lyrics are stuck in my head, “Where the winds come sweepin’ down the plain.”

Ice pellets are bouncing off the hood of the truck now.

God had a plan for us to spend Christmas here, no doubt. Life truly is about what and where you make it. Snug as a bug – warmth, love, and happiness.


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