The Choice – Splendor


We are stranded, as we have been so many times before.

Depressed describes my initial state of mind. Why again? Why can they not fix this truck once and for all? Such a lack of progress!

Within an hour I have every notebook and device that I carry with me balanced across the dash, the driver’s seat, my lap, with one stacked on top of another. Joy replaces discomfort. I have time to write!

The Texas breeze lacks the chill of the northern tundra. We are in the south! Roll down those windows! Fresh air, with a view to my right – cows, a pond, miles of rolling land.

Thank you, God. I needed your guiding hand.

And then, the greatest gift of the day, the sunset. Sheer beauty, a reminder that tomorrow will arrive with the splendor that my mind envisions it to be.


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