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Reinvention: Coming Full Circle

Share Encourage Grow www.hispasture.pressMy friends know I miss the ambiance of operating a farm, owning goats, milking goats, and creating products from fresh goat milk. My loved ones also know that writing is a part of my heart. All of these things involve creativity, and that is what I’ve missed.

I have worked full-time and operated my virtual assistance business on the side – nights, weekends, and any moment I could gather in-between. The pace was simple to maintain when I first fired the business up because I was running on sheer adrenaline. I had the spirit that I could work 24 hours a day. Then, it all changed.

It became work. Life-draining work. Through prayer, I began to realize other aspects that I was missing. I missed being creative! I missed feeling inspired and I no longer felt the pull to share my thoughts through writing!

Sadly, I had clients that assigned tasks to me, and I found myself looking through the hazy lens of work, and I didn’t grasp onto the reality that I had freedom at my fingertips.

When the mindset chains broke, I realized that I was able to design what I wanted to say on paper once again. I had the freedom to express myself. I had the freedom to help change lives, and I was being paid to do it! That is when it all began to return, full circle!

I also looked at my life as a whole. I looked at where I wanted to be a decade from now. Did I want to clock in at 70 years old and then ask myself, “What did you do this past decade?,” only to reply that I worked? No! I decided to weave joy back into my life. Just a week ago, I left my full-time job and have set out to operate my business full-time. Since that time, I’ve noticed that most of my client projects are creative. This morning, as I looked at my framed mission statement, which I’ve set up in my office for over 10 years, tears came to my eyes (thank you, God, for your tap on my shoulder today):

To help women recognize their God-given gifts, talents, strengths and passions, and to encourage growth.

Share – Encourage – Grow

I am back where my desires and passions grew from seeds, to saplings, and rooted. This is a gift.



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