Moving On: Letting Go of the Past

Saying goodbye to our past, the things that we loved, can be painful. Once we realize how we have drug our feet it becomes less of a struggle. Imagine strolling down a beautiful wooded path while dragging one foot as you go. How tiring would that be? I will use the example of an entrepreneur, … Continue reading Moving On: Letting Go of the Past


The Choice – Splendor

We were stranded, as we had been so many times before. Depressed describes my initial state of mind. Why again? Why can they not fix this truck once and for all? Such a lack of progress! Within an hour I had every notebook and device that I carry with me balanced across the dash, the … Continue reading The Choice – Splendor

The Heavy Heart of the Herd Keeper

I looked into her eyes for signs of hope. She looks tired. Can she really be that old? Until the end, I will feed you, nurture you, and help you to stand up.  I know, when all four of your hooves are firmly planted on the ground beneath you, you are whole. I hope that … Continue reading The Heavy Heart of the Herd Keeper