The Journey Begins

Red tape, paperwork, effort, and a tremendous amount of patience successfully meshed a few days ago when we drove our truck down the driveway. Let the journey begin! How did it feel? It felt liberating in the sense that we were going to begin earning a living as a family again. Family businesses are at the … Continue reading The Journey Begins


Thank You For This Day

As I sip my morning cup of joy, as if it were a cup of ritual - smooth and calm, I am reflective of the many blessings in life that are a part of who I am. I treasure the ability to sit up in bed, step across the room, and go to work. Work, … Continue reading Thank You For This Day

Defined by Choice

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” - Wayne W. Dyer Today I woke with a gift. The gift to be who I am. The gift to start my day as I choose. The gift to figure out what my real job is today, beyond the penned list on paper. … Continue reading Defined by Choice

What Do You Do For Yourself?

Recently, I was asked, "What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?" I was lost for words.  I left the question alone for a few days, knowing that if I didn't think about it the answer would come. Thank you to Cassie Parks, of Loving Yourself University, Twitter @spiraluptoday.  You asked, and now I have … Continue reading What Do You Do For Yourself?

Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

Quoted words from a friend, Lamont:  "I thought about the hills in our life that seem like mountains at the time but when we get to the top we see it was for our good that we had to climb them. I'm climbing some hills right now in my life but I know in the … Continue reading Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

Peeling Back The Layers

Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you aren't right now, chances are you will be soon.  Most of us are busy people with work and business obligations, family and home responsibilities, and we try should throw in fun as well. With the busyness, disappointments tend to pile right on top of each other, or so they … Continue reading Peeling Back The Layers

Strength Like A Rock

She was tired, weary beyond words. Finding hope seemed to be nothing but a repetitive game. Along the path came a breath of fresh air. A coolness to the day that wasn’t typical when mother nature turned the heat up. A sparkle in the dirt near her sandaled foot caught her eye. It was a … Continue reading Strength Like A Rock

Resolving Problems From The Outside

Challenges can feel so very overwhelming. When you cannot find your way out of a problem, when you feel like the walls are closing in, or when you know you are falling into the pit of self-pity, try to work from the outside looking in. Many of us take our problems so seriously, very personally. … Continue reading Resolving Problems From The Outside

Allowing The Past To Mar The Present

Life changes constantly.  It is fact, not fiction, the best laid out plans fall through all of the time. We can feel disappointed, sad, angry, and frustrated.  After all, we are just human.  Why not deliberately choose to allow those feelings to wash over us and then purposely let the muck run off? When we … Continue reading Allowing The Past To Mar The Present

Sour – You Get What You Sow

I could slip into saying turn your lemons into lemonade.  But I do think the term has been overused. Lemons produce lemons. Sour brings on sour. Have you ever noticed how trouble follows trouble? Sugar brings on sugar. I do not want to be the sugar.  Too sweet is processed, besides that, it can be … Continue reading Sour – You Get What You Sow