Your Creative Sandbox

It is your sandbox. Play in it. What do you own that nobody can take away? Your thoughts and creativity. Do you yearn for others to stop and share in your keep you on track? Does this cause you hesitation in your personal pursuits? Feel the sun on your back. Feel the freedom in … Continue reading Your Creative Sandbox

Facebook does not define who you are

When flipping through channels on the television we hardly ever become emotionally involved to the point we feel discouraged. We don't say to ourselves: Hey look, she always has a bright and shiny demeanor. Why can't I be more like that? She doesn't side with my political or religious views. I might as well unfollow … Continue reading Facebook does not define who you are

Stored Up Contentment

The green paper we grasp in our hands allows us to buy clothes for our closets (stockpiling what we often don't need), cars that we drive, and it slips gold rings on our fingers. I am convinced, none of these items reflect wealth. The cashier asked the man in the grocery store, "Do you have … Continue reading Stored Up Contentment

We Need To Practice Letting Go

If we have too many worries, fears, and doubts, we have no room for living and loving. We need to practice letting go. - Thick Nhat Hanh Breathe. Let go. Listen - hear what is good. Live this moment.You are here today. Inhale it. Undo the counting of the hours, for what do they matter? … Continue reading We Need To Practice Letting Go

False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away

The pangs of guilt weren't there five minutes ago, but now we dig through the moment, the day, or further back, seeking the point of error. What did we say or do, did we inflict pain? Have you ever felt a sense of guilt even though you knew you had done nothing wrong? A post … Continue reading False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away

The Decision: Psyche or Write

If anyone can psyche themselves out, it would be me. I stall. I regularly have conversations with myself, and God, to drop the fear, unharness the words, and put one foot in front of the other. Novelist Stephen King knows all about the unhealthy relationship between fear and writing, "Good writing is often about letting … Continue reading The Decision: Psyche or Write

The Journey Begins

Red tape, paperwork, effort, and a tremendous amount of patience successfully meshed a few days ago when we drove our truck down the driveway. Let the journey begin! How did it feel? It felt liberating in the sense that we were going to begin earning a living as a family again. Family businesses are at the … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Thank You For This Day

As I sip my morning cup of joy, as if it were a cup of ritual - smooth and calm, I am reflective of the many blessings in life that are a part of who I am. I treasure the ability to sit up in bed, step across the room, and go to work. Work, … Continue reading Thank You For This Day

Defined by Choice

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” - Wayne W. Dyer Today I woke with a gift. The gift to be who I am. The gift to start my day as I choose. The gift to figure out what my real job is today, beyond the penned list on paper. … Continue reading Defined by Choice

What Do You Do For Yourself?

Recently, I was asked, "What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?" I was lost for words.  I left the question alone for a few days, knowing that if I didn't think about it the answer would come. Thank you to Cassie Parks, of Loving Yourself University, Twitter @spiraluptoday.  You asked, and now I have … Continue reading What Do You Do For Yourself?