What Do You Do For Yourself?

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Recently, I was asked, “What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?” I was lost for words.  I left the question alone for a few days, knowing that if I didn’t think about it the answer would come.

Thank you to Cassie Parks, of Loving Yourself University, Twitter @spiraluptoday.  You asked, and now I have an answer.

Doing something for yourself doesn’t have to involve something complicated.  It really can boil down to taking care of yourself.

I carried around a small note pad this morning and wrote down everything that I did for myself:

  • drinking water purposely for health
  • taking multi-vitamins and supplements diligently
  • downloaded e-books for relaxation time
  • prayed and meditated (yes, you can do both)
  • wrote (my form of self-expression, like a shot in the arm)
  • took a walk (always a wonderful new weed/flower to check out)
  • made personal perfume (plans for later today…I can make a product for me!)

See? I do things for myself.  Little things add up.

Tag, you’re it.  What are you going to do for yourself today? 



2 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Yourself?

  1. Becky says:

    Good question, Mary! I always try to do something for myself everyday. But lately I have had a hard time. Seems all those around me need a little of my time and there’s none left for me. ***sniff****

    • Mary Humphrey says:

      Becky, I cannot help but think, how do you block off time for you? But, you said they “need” time from you, not “want” time from you. Get some fun in there! I will check back in on you. :)

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