Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

mountain flower

Quoted words from a friend, Lamont:  “I thought about the hills in our life that seem like mountains at the time but when we get to the top we see it was for our good that we had to climb them. I’m climbing some hills right now in my life but I know in the end I’ll be better for it. I hope you too can cross over the hills that seem like mountains and be the better for it.”

I am stubborn.  I do not like to admit when I am climbing a mountain, especially when it feels like the mountain has the better part of me.

I can easily say things like:  don’t give the mountain the better part of you – or – there are always going to be easy trips down and difficult trips back up (resulting in easy trips back down again).

But, when you are living in the middle of the difficult excursion up a mountain, lifting the foot once more over a tiny bump in the path can feel like a slippery slope, especially when it seems there is no strength left to balance it all out.

I treasure what my friend said, “in the end I’ll be better for it.”

That is the silver lining in the dark cloud, what we learn from challenges.  What we learn from heart break.  What we learn from the difficult climb to our destiny.

Stay focused.  I’ll be right there with you on the journey.


3 thoughts on “Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

  1. goatpod2 says:

    Good post, everyone has to make it to the top of the mountain or cross over hills, etc. but actually did stand at the top of a mountain recently with my brother last month and will be going to some different mountains next week!


  2. Becky says:

    And isn’t it amazing how during that long haul up the mountain that God see’s you getting weary and he throws in that one little thing that will lift your spirits and give you the strength to keep going?!

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