Allowing The Past To Mar The Present

Life changes constantly.  It is fact, not fiction, the best laid out plans fall through all of the time.

We can feel disappointed, sad, angry, and frustrated.  After all, we are just human.  Why not deliberately choose to allow those feelings to wash over us and then purposely let the muck run off?

When we focus on the what could have been rather than the what is, we allow the what isn’t to mar what our lives are about right now.

Would you rather have a new slate at your fingertips, or would you rather allow the past to scratch the beautiful surface laid before you right this very moment?

I’ll take the clean surface.  I refuse to allow any what was to ruin it.


4 thoughts on “Allowing The Past To Mar The Present

  1. Vickie says:

    Mary, I’m really enjoying this writing blog. You have alot to say, my friend! Keep up the good work! I went back and read to the beginning ;)

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