Resolving Problems From The Outside

Challenges can feel so very overwhelming.

When you cannot find your way out of a problem, when you feel like the walls are closing in, or when you know you are falling into the pit of self-pity, try to work from the outside looking in.

Many of us take our problems so seriously, very personally.  The fact is, unless we are the one creating the problem repetitively on purpose, we usually are not the issue.  Challenges occur, it is just a part of life.

Try this simple exercise the next time you feel overwhelmed:

  • Become the actor.  Take on the role of the manager, not the owner.
  • As the manager, fix what you can – proactively pull in team help from your ally’s, your positive resources (God, your family, friends, professional help).
  • As the manager, do the necessary work and clock back out of the office at the appropriate time.  Turn off the office lights, shut off the phone, go home to your family, have fun, and rest.  The manager does not own the problems at the office.

By removing the personal aspects of the problem, and by not living the problem, your mind remains clear enough to either resolve it, or to work on it only as you need to.  Let your leading team help.  Worry doesn’t change a thing, does it?


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