Unlock the Iron Gates – Write!

With a pad of paper in your lap, ink pen in hand, you scrawl your thoughts onto paper with a passion-filled fury, well into the wee hours of the night. The next day, or perhaps weeks or months later, you rip up page after page, shred it into tiny pieces, turning it into an irreplaceable … Continue reading Unlock the Iron Gates – Write!


What Do I Write Now?

I have been absorbed with writing, reading about writing, and writing about reading. If you are a writer, without a doubt you know the meaning of the jumbled words I just wrote. Even with the best laid out plans, an outline of a book, notes and recordings, and with fingers flying on a keyboard, I've … Continue reading What Do I Write Now?

How Do You Write There?

Without having to think about it, I responded to the person's question, "How do you write there?" with "It inspires me!" Like any entrepreneur, the area in which we work is so important to our production. Our writing environment generally does not fit any singular description. Thankfully, writing tools travel well. Most of us can … Continue reading How Do You Write There?

How Many Words Must I Write Today?

As a new author, with one published book under my belt, and numerous books in the works this year, I often find myself in the school desk chair. The virtual text books that I study relate to writing topics, such as: 1st and 3rd tense, how to work around writer's block, how many words to … Continue reading How Many Words Must I Write Today?

The Misunderstood Author

You are an author. I know all about you. You love to write. Your eyes translate the simplest things in life to a story.¬†You find yourself stealing away to your computer or pad of paper several times a day to record your thoughts. Unfortunately, those of us that are creative, artistic, or those of us … Continue reading The Misunderstood Author

The Journey Begins – The First Day At Work

While waiting for our trailer to be loaded, I shot this Spring-In-November photo. What a colorful sight as we head into winter. I call myself the "Truck Driver In Training" - not yet driving. I pay attention to everything that I can. Are you a person that pays attention to mile markers? I never did, … Continue reading The Journey Begins – The First Day At Work

The Dream Places

Me, a writer? How can I be a writer? How can something that feels so good, so right, something I have within my grasp as often as I feel that I do, slip away from me so easily as if my thoughts turn to vapor, nearly never to be realized again. That is, until the … Continue reading The Dream Places