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30 Days of Blogging

I am participating in the  Indie Business Network Blog Your Brand Challenge. This means I committed to publishing a blog post, one a day, for thirty days. Luckily, I own three blogs so I can spread out some of the topics that I will be writing about. To be crystal clear here, I panicked after I typed the challenge … Continue reading 30 Days of Blogging


Yellowed Pages

It is true, our nose cannot detect what our heart is moved by. When I open this yellowed book and bury my face into the pages I breathe in the scent of an abundance of words, history, and the center of my being calls out don't let it go away. An old yellow book --- … Continue reading Yellowed Pages

Your Creative Sandbox

It is your sandbox. Play in it. What do you own that nobody can take away? Your thoughts and creativity. Do you yearn for others to stop and share in your keep you on track? Does this cause you hesitation in your personal pursuits? Feel the sun on your back. Feel the freedom in … Continue reading Your Creative Sandbox

Some – Overused and Non-Descriptive

Dear Writing Friends, You may be the only the only people on this planet that understand this crazy (but fun) focus on written words! The word that currently has my attention is some: "I went to the store and bought some ice cream." "I saw that you have some books on display." "I read some … Continue reading Some – Overused and Non-Descriptive

The Art and Craft of Journaling

When I first learned sentence structure I began writing journals. To this day, I continue to pick up the pen and partake in journaling. The first reason is because I love to write, and I do not want to lose the thoughts that are most important to me. I often meditate in prayer, and on … Continue reading The Art and Craft of Journaling

Get Out of the Clouds – Solidify Those Words

I walked through a large portion of my life with the desire to leave a soft spot for people to associate with. I, in person, was a landing-place. My high school year books, filled with student signatures, held a common theme, "Such a nice (sweet) girl." I believe being loving and gentle has its place … Continue reading Get Out of the Clouds – Solidify Those Words

Writing Lessons from a Dog

I know, buddy, at times I do not want to do it either. I have a writing table pal. He does not say much, but he teaches me plenty. He is consistent, dedicated and even-keeled. His moods do not change by the barometer. All of these things he shares with me, plus he gives me … Continue reading Writing Lessons from a Dog

How To Finish Your Writing Project In One Hour A Day

I have 33,500 words written. I am deep into writing this book. If only I could find the time and place to finish this project, like the guy in that photo. You know the one, the man with the laptop resting on a blanket, nestled in a cool green pasture, hidden away from people and … Continue reading How To Finish Your Writing Project In One Hour A Day

The Decision: Psyche or Write

If anyone can psyche themselves out, it would be me. I stall. I regularly have conversations with myself, and God, to drop the fear, unharness the words, and put one foot in front of the other. Novelist Stephen King knows all about the unhealthy relationship between fear and writing, "Good writing is often about letting … Continue reading The Decision: Psyche or Write

The Choice – Splendor

We are stranded, as we have been so many times before. Depressed describes my initial state of mind. Why again? Why can they not fix this truck once and for all? Such a lack of progress! Within an hour I have every notebook and device that I carry with me balanced across the dash, the … Continue reading The Choice – Splendor