What Do I Write Now?

write how you talk

I have been absorbed with writing, reading about writing, and writing about reading. If you are a writer, without a doubt you know the meaning of the jumbled words I just wrote.

Even with the best laid out plans, an outline of a book, notes and recordings, and with fingers flying on a keyboard, I’ve found myself frozen, looking for answers to What do I write now?, and, How do I write it?

Advice from writers, like this post,  7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive Writing Process (via Copyblogger.com), reminds us to “Write the way you talk.”

The Christian Writers Guild said, “I turn off my internal editor during the writing of the first draft, which becomes just a hunk of meat to be carved. Real writing is rewriting.”

Looking back, it was easy to journal my thoughts before I decided to expose them to the world. I was freely, without a second thought, writing the way I talked. To those of you that journal, is it not similar to a personal conversation on paper?

Blog posts weren’t difficult either because they were limited to four hundred words or less. I did not focus on the expectation that they would become entire books.

To thaw the frozen dam, to release the river of words, I’ve learned to sit down at the keyboard and block out any pressure of corrections. I then find myself absorbed into the story that I am telling, not noticing the clock, and forgetting my surroundings. Isn’t that the way it was meant to be? Many of us write because we want to, not because we have to.

Let the pressure go…the writing comes back.


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