How Do You Write There?

writing environment

Without having to think about it, I responded to the person’s question, “How do you write there?” with “It inspires me!”

Like any entrepreneur, the area in which we work is so important to our production. Our writing environment generally does not fit any singular description. Thankfully, writing tools travel well. Most of us can carry a pen and a pad of paper, or a laptop or tablet.

When I write I must be in the right mind-set, in the perfect place, otherwise the brain feels muddled. Today, I may need to work from the quiet of my home, and even in my pajamas, with an endless pot of coffee coming from the kitchen.

Tomorrow, I may find a large amount of inspiration when I am perched near a busy area. The hustle and bustle of traffic and people might be the perfect touch for fresh ideas. Sitting outside of a large department store, as irritating as that can be, can be just the right distraction that brings me straight back to the subject line of my writing.

What I embrace as a writer is the ultimate freedom to do what I love, to put the passion to paper, in whatever environment fits the bill – for me. That concept may be difficult for other’s to grasp, but isn’t that part of the fun? We are the one’s that share our thoughts with the world.

As my writing buddy (pictured above), likes to say, “Hmmmmph…be like me…no cares except to be who you are!” Yes, he talks. You believe me, don’t you? At least, on paper I know you do.

What environment works as a catapult for your writing? What propels you into the writing mind-set, or is there a particular pre-requisite that enables your writing to flow? 


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