How Many Words Must I Write Today?

As a new author, with one published book under my belt, and numerous books in the works this year, I often find myself in the school desk chair.

how many words to write per dayThe virtual text books that I study relate to writing topics, such as: 1st and 3rd tense, how to work around writer’s block, how many words to write per day.

This week I learned that it does not matter how many words I write per day.

What does matter:

  • always write something (but take a mini-vacation from writing if needed)
  • never forget where your love of writing began (return to free flow writing/journal writing if needed)
  • write today – edit later (edit at least a day later)
  • word count (set a goal, but do not make it so stringent that it begins to feel like work – let it remain a passion)
  • keep notes (take the pressure off by organizing notes in a file, keep pen and paper available at all times)

Remember, you are an author, you see the world in a different light than your partner, friends, or neighbors. Preserve the gift of writing by allowing it to freely be the art that it is.


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