The Misunderstood Author

thinkingYou are an author. I know all about you. You love to write. Your eyes translate the simplest things in life to a story. You find yourself stealing away to your computer or pad of paper several times a day to record your thoughts.

Unfortunately, those of us that are creative, artistic, or those of us driven in life to express ourselves without committing to a mainstream 9 to 5 job, deal with a multitude of “well-meant” comments or questions, “Do you really think you are going to do anything with that?” Or perhaps, “If you plan to sell books, you had better think twice.”

Being an author, with colorful visions of the world that we want to share, is very difficult for other’s to comprehend. Is writing worth the battle? Breaking the rule “don’t answer a question with a question,” I ask, “Would you give up on your God-given gifts and talents because someone isn’t in alignment with your passions?”

If you were given the gift of an island surrounded by clear pristine water, white sandy beaches, cool ocean breezes, with no worries other than how you would refill your next tall glass of liquid, and someone said to you, “You can’t live there, you had better find somewhere else to go!” What would you do? Would you go to your island, or would you give your serenity up because someone had no faith in where you were going?

Go to your island and write! Opportunity knocks.


2 thoughts on “The Misunderstood Author

  1. Ginger Moore says:

    Oh my…can I say I have been there many times? Many, many times. I think it is rare that others can grasp our vision from an almighty God simply because it is not their vision. They haven’t seen it. They haven’t heard it. They haven’t embraced it and realized it’s more than a vision. It’s a promise. Even if they are believers, it can be hard for them to get behind it, to stand on it. They just haven’t seen it through the eyes of Christ. And because they haven’t seen it through those eyes, they cannot understand it or even fathom that it makes sense at all, much less that it’s possible and in fact, probably. Visions…they are a supernatural thing. Unfortunately, many seem to view things more often in the natural, basing their thoughts or opinions on natural sight, not on faith. But….Faith says that all things are possible with God. Do you agree?

    • Mary Humphrey says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree, Ginger.

      I will not give up my gifts to someone that does not understand, and I will not begrudge them for their beliefs either. To really mature in our talents, I find it best to let it go, and do what we find ourselves doing best in life.

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