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30 Days of Blogging

small business, bloggingI am participating in the  Indie Business Network Blog Your Brand Challenge.

This means I committed to publishing a blog post, one a day, for thirty days. Luckily, I own three blogs so I can spread out some of the topics that I will be writing about. To be crystal clear here, I panicked after I typed the challenge acceptance words “I am in!” It was a quick decision. A kick in the seat of my pants. The busy days of this season just got busier and I instantly felt the “I am short on writing topics” thud in the pit of my stomach. Shame on me for not having a list of topics on hand. This is a must for a writer!

Writing this blog is super enjoyable, though, specifically because this is where I spill my thoughts out. This is my writer’s blog, and every writer needs one (in my estimation). We need a place to write outside of our business, outside of our paid writing projects. THIS is that place for me.

This is where you get to know me. This is where I share my world through words. This is where I add kindle (words) to the fire, let the blaze burn down (enjoy my words, and challenge myself to add pizzazz), and relax in front of the warmth of the embers (freed from the words that were sizzling to get out).

Please jump in and comment as we, a group of small business owners, support each other in this challenge.

If you are an author, or not, do you also find your blog to be a place of enjoyment, beyond a place to work on your business? Do you find that this is where we combine work with pleasure? Or do you feel my thoughts reflects those of a person that loves to write, and writing is not enjoyable for you — blog or not?

PS. This is day 2, my first blog post of this challenge is published at my Mary Humphrey Coaching  site (here).


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging

  1. Donna says:

    I love my blog and I love writing. I wanted to do this challenge again because I needed a kick in the pants. I’ve only been posting once a week to my blog and I feel I could be contributing so much more. Good luck with the challenge.

    • Mary Humphrey says:

      Your words reflect what I am thinking. Sometimes we need a heightened action step, open faced committment, to move ourselves forward. Thank you…and best of luck to you too with the challenge!

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