The Art and Craft of Journaling


When I first learned sentence structure I began writing journals.

To this day, I continue to pick up the pen and partake in journaling. The first reason is because I love to write, and I do not want to lose the thoughts that are most important to me. I often meditate in prayer, and on paper.

Journals serve so many useful purposes:

  • Healthy Mind Journal

    You don’t know which direction you want to take in life? Write about it. Writing helps to break down fears and quandaries into smaller, easier to understand pieces, which enables you to find direction and purpose.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed, but because you know it will pass you make the decision to not tell anyone about it? Give yourself permission to be completely honest with yourself. Grab that journal, as if it is a loyal friend that does not give unsolicited advice, and pour your heart and soul into a written log. It will likely become a healthy-minded, feel much better after you write it, release valve.

  • Creative Writing Journal

    As a writer, journal keeping is a beneficial way to capture thoughts and stories. Let me paint a picture…you form an idea, or a vision of a story full of characters, which leads to an unquenchable desire to head to the keyboard. The timing is not right, more often than not, so you tell yourself, ‘I’ll write that later.’ Later does not come because your brain moves on to the next attention-drawing arena. Guess what? If you had scrawled that story down in your journal, in your own heart-felt passionate words, you would have been pulled right back into the moment the second you began reading it. At that point, you would have had a creative ready-made story archived at your finger tips.

  • Family Memoir

    Imagine this, 100 years from now, a family member opens your journal to read your gift – your personal diary for the children of your children. Your words open a window into the past. What a treasure! Writing this type of journal is perfect for the person that does not want to publish a book, yet, they want to leave a legacy for generations to come. Would I love to be sitting down and reading about my grandparents, and their parents? What if, just think about it, you started a family tradition. Books on the shelf with handwritten stories, added by each generation to come. A gift, a memoir, your daily thoughts from your life…simply beautiful.

Journals are saved on computer files, in separate thumb drives, in journaling apps, through private or public blogs, on notebook paper, or in beautiful hardback covered books made just for pen and ink. As you can see, the options are boundless, and so are the benefits!

Do you journal? What benefits to journaling do you recognize?




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