Writing Lessons from a Dog

www.hispasturepress.com writing table buddy

I know, buddy, at times I do not want to do it either.

I have a writing table pal. He does not say much, but he teaches me plenty.

He is consistent, dedicated and even-keeled.

His moods do not change by the barometer.

All of these things he shares with me, plus he gives me the oomph to take a walk when words are hiding under my keyboard.

We stroll, and we talk, as we take in the outdoors – sky, trees, birds, cactus, flowers. We renew our thoughts with fresh air, and absorb vitamin D through our skin.

Afterwards, he takes his place at my side, reminding me that I, too, must maintain stick-to-it-ness.

That was a dog word, you won’t find it in the dictionary.

You know who to thank.

(Re: The photo. He’s sitting under my desk with a look of disdain, “Are you serious? You want to do my bulldog maintenance now rather than take a nap? Oh man…”)


2 thoughts on “Writing Lessons from a Dog

  1. Ginger Moore says:

    Love! Yes, our lessons so often come from the simplest sources. Reminders to keep it simple and don’t sweat the small stuff. This is good on so many levels.

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