The Decision: Psyche or Write

If anyone can psyche themselves out, it would be me. I stall. I regularly have conversations with myself, and God, to drop the fear, unharness the words, and put one foot in front of the other. Novelist Stephen King knows all about the unhealthy relationship between fear and writing, "Good writing is often about letting … Continue reading The Decision: Psyche or Write

Following God’s Will – Not the Will of Man

I am a believer in following passions, which often results in living outside of what man views as a normal job or career choice. Before each of us was created, God artfully planned the special gifts He equipped us with. All of us that believe have the gift of hearing His voice through extraordinary means … Continue reading Following God’s Will – Not the Will of Man

The Misunderstood Author

You are an author. I know all about you. You love to write. Your eyes translate the simplest things in life to a story. You find yourself stealing away to your computer or pad of paper several times a day to record your thoughts. Unfortunately, those of us that are creative, artistic, or those of us … Continue reading The Misunderstood Author

What Do You Do For Yourself?

Recently, I was asked, "What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?" I was lost for words.  I left the question alone for a few days, knowing that if I didn't think about it the answer would come. Thank you to Cassie Parks, of Loving Yourself University, Twitter @spiraluptoday.  You asked, and now I have … Continue reading What Do You Do For Yourself?

Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

Quoted words from a friend, Lamont:  "I thought about the hills in our life that seem like mountains at the time but when we get to the top we see it was for our good that we had to climb them. I'm climbing some hills right now in my life but I know in the … Continue reading Crossing Over The Hills – Be The Better For It

I (Really) Don’t Want This!

I hope you have time to sit down with me today.  Sit in a comfortable chair.  Take a moment.  I want to share something with you. I have stood in my front yard during times of distress and uttered loudly - thank goodness my neighbors could not hear - I do not want this! I … Continue reading I (Really) Don’t Want This!

The Classroom of Life

There is a lot to learn in life. There are no classroom walls. We do not have to fit into someone's academic design. The requirements are simple, let it happen.  Trust in yourself. Learn to cross the bridge. It is our own decision to stand in place with our feet firmly planted on solid ground, … Continue reading The Classroom of Life