The Act of Share Encourage and Grow

Share Encourage and Grow is my motto – a shortened version of my life and work mission statement.

I looked at these words this morning and I thought about how important it is for each of us to support one another.

Encourage others to share with you. Listening is a priceless gift that doesn’t cost a penny. When you listen with your full attention, putting everything else aside – no glances at your phone, no staring at the television, you craft a sense of comfort with the person that is talking. They know you are there for them. Everyone, especially in this busy and tumultuous world, can use exactly that!

To encourage, well…there aren’t many words that hold more meaning. We all want to grasp onto the feeling when encouragement fills our head, but life does not resemble a flat line, it has so many ups and downs. When you are up, chances are someone you know is down. Actually, a huge part of the exhilaration in life is the trip up, the anticipation of reaching the peak. Unfortunately, after the thrilling shock of cresting wears off, we end up at the bottom again…often contemplating, where do we go from here?

Growth, where is your purpose in life without it? A friend once said, “I am so careful, I intentionally stay within my comfort zone – every single day.” This is an extreme example of someone that is not happy. He will not go beyond his normal day to day routine, and he trusts his tunnel vision. I do not believe people have to lead such an exciting life that they feel compelled to write a book about it, but, stagnant is just that, stuck in place with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I believe, not only do we benefit from growth, but it encourages those around us as well. We set the example when we learn to accept the challenges in life, knowing that they hold value – growth.

Are you ready to take the initiative? Remember what your friends are passionate about, what their strengths are, and look after their backs. Ask a friend purposely, because you truly want to see good things develop in their life, “So, where are you at with _____?” Encourage them to stick with their dreams. Don’t push…encourage…listen.


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