False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away


The pangs of guilt weren’t there five minutes ago, but now we dig through the moment, the day, or further back, seeking the point of error. What did we say or do, did we inflict pain?

Have you ever felt a sense of guilt even though you knew you had done nothing wrong?

A post on Facebook caught my eye, “Accept the truth that God loves you, and allow any false guilt to melt away.” False guilt…God’s love…succinct and powerful in one statement!

“Other times we feel guilty and do not know why. Romans 8:1 proclaims the truth that “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” The Bible also teaches that the Spirit-filled life is designed to be one of joy and peace.” (intouch.org)

The sense of false guilt – I’ve felt it, and it will return again. I am strong, yet, I am weak. Does this sound familiar? The remedy (remedy: something that removes or corrects an evil of any kind) begins with searching our own heart with a focus on scripture to ensure we are in His will. Ask, seek, do I have a reason to feel guilty? Pray for peace, and wait for the Spirit to lead. Waiting, knowing that He is in control, is comfort in itself. His guidance always arrives following a period of discomfort, sometimes it presents itself as subtly as the rising of the sun, as if He shakes his head – folds His arms, and asks, “Where was your faith?” This is really not so subtle, is it? It is glorious! Yet, there are times when the message seems to whisper in our ears, “What did you learn? Now, go and share it!”  This is one of those times…remarkably, and yet not so surprising. It is His supernatural way to guide, not ours.

We are designed to lead a life of joy and peace, and thank goodness for the teachings along the way. Expect them, prepare for them, and they will lead to a wisdom-filled life.

(Share, Encourage, and Grow – Mary Humphrey – http://www.hispasturepress.com)


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