Moving On: Letting Go of the Past

Saying goodbye to our past, the things that we loved, can be painful. Once we realize how we have drug our feet it becomes less of a struggle. Imagine strolling down a beautiful wooded path while dragging one foot as you go. How tiring would that be? I will use the example of an entrepreneur, … Continue reading Moving On: Letting Go of the Past

Fighting for His Time

We tend to have busy lives which leaves us hustling for substantial moments with our spouses, our children, and our friends. We barely have time each day to cook dinner, clean the house, and see that homework is finished before rushing off to bed, and then we hope to find the peace that allows our … Continue reading Fighting for His Time

How I Had The Best Day (Christmas) Ever

I like the sound of best day ever. I believe we all do. What about the best Christmas ever? That is exactly what I experienced, the best Christmas ever. After the celebration passed, I contemplated life in general, asking myself how I could mirror the beautiful days that flowed from Christmas 2014. I formed a … Continue reading How I Had The Best Day (Christmas) Ever

The Most Difficult Commandment To Obey

We cannot see it. We cannot touch it. We cannot taste it. Alas, we can feel it --- not with our fingertips, but through our spirit and deep into our soul. Love. A man of law challenged Jesus with a question. What is the greatest commandment? Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all … Continue reading The Most Difficult Commandment To Obey

Lessons from the Roots

Fall has a way of shepherding me into deep thought. Perhaps it results from the shortening of the daylight hours, the long shadows that stream across the grass in the early evening hours. The reminder that God has a plan. In this season, I curl up with great books that take me to homesteads; to … Continue reading Lessons from the Roots

The Act of Share Encourage and Grow

Share Encourage and Grow is my motto - a shortened version of my life and work mission statement. I looked at these words this morning and I thought about how important it is for each of us to support one another. Encourage others to share with you. Listening is a priceless gift that doesn't cost … Continue reading The Act of Share Encourage and Grow

The Shepherd’s Work is Never Done

Disciples: If you don't got out there as powerful as a bulldozer - stirring up acres of undisturbed soil every hour - nobody will know who you are, and surely nobody will hear what you have to say, and the message won't get out there at all. What would God say? I cannot answer that, … Continue reading The Shepherd’s Work is Never Done

Go Away Evil Lies

Your husband, wife, friend, or co-worker cannot hear it. It is that voice, not the audible one, it is that one that whispers un-truths in your ear. The spiral begins, the lies feel heavy as they inject into your heart, and the downwards tug begins its soul-winning happy dance. It grabs you by the feet … Continue reading Go Away Evil Lies

You Have Choices

"But...listen...there are things you can do," the words which are deep in my memory. We were moving out-of-state within a week. I could not walk into the drug store and purchase the test that I needed, it was one year too early for that to hit the market. I did not have time for a … Continue reading You Have Choices

Stored Up Contentment

The green paper we grasp in our hands allows us to buy clothes for our closets (stockpiling what we often don't need), cars that we drive, and it slips gold rings on our fingers. I am convinced, none of these items reflect wealth. The cashier asked the man in the grocery store, "Do you have … Continue reading Stored Up Contentment