Lessons from the Roots

soap www.anniesgoathill.comFall has a way of shepherding me into deep thought. Perhaps it results from the shortening of the daylight hours, the long shadows that stream across the grass in the early evening hours. The reminder that God has a plan.

In this season, I curl up with great books that take me to homesteads; to simpler lives and times.

I smell the cozy wonders of cooking, just a step away from the brisk outdoor wisps that carry the hint of the coming winter. I hear the sounds of harvest as the fields changeover from green to brown. I smell the crisp tart apples in baskets lined up on the porch of the canning kitchen, and I see the wholesome jars of food that hold promise in the cellar.

These things are a reminder to me that we must never give up the good things we are made of. Never give up the dreams that bind our souls. God gave us such individual strengths and gifts, to not go to waste.

I look at this bar of soap, the one that I crafted years ago, and I see hope. I see a story. I see a love for the basics in life. I want to share that feeling, and I want you to do it also, share your heart with the world in your own unique way. You have it too, a dream to pursue…I pray that you know that.


Mary Humphrey


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