Fighting for His Time trust in GodWe tend to have busy lives which leaves us hustling for substantial moments with our spouses, our children, and our friends. We barely have time each day to cook dinner, clean the house, and see that homework is finished before rushing off to bed, and then we hope to find the peace that allows our minds to rest so that we may sleep solid through the night. Each and every day we repeat this habit.

When a garden is subjected to intense heat, with no daily life-giving water, and when the weeds that thrive in neglected conditions go into seed and reproduce, they spread with fervor. Soon, we can no longer see the good plants because they are covered with weeds. The plants produce no fruit because they have no light…they are choked and parched. They have been ignored, therefore, they wither and die.

Have you ever heard someone say, when speaking of a Christian who is lit up for The Lord, “Well, of course, they are so filled with this right now, they have nothing else to do,” or, “They have all of this time on their hands, so naturally they can study and spend hours talking to God. Just wait, things will change.” What example does this set for us? Are we comparing ourselves to them, saying we cannot be close to God because we are too busy? This brings me to the One that will sustain us, the one we forget to seek.

When we become Christians we give our lives to God, and die to self. What happens from this point if we do not tend to our personal relationship with Him? What happens when we are too busy for Him, too busy to study, too busy to pray? We pray when we feel like it, and when we have the time. He becomes second-rate, except when Sunday morning rolls around. Yet, He is our life-blood, the one that keeps the weeds from choking the life out of our roots.

Father, I pray that you become more than a sacrifice of my time. I have been weak and tricked into busyness.You are a the substance of my life, my daily world. The One who brings peace and direction into my soul. Please forgive me — I am so occupied that I have become a part of this world, and you have become last in my pursuit. Today, I stop what I am doing, and I make sure you are important , just as I nurture my marriage, my children, and my work. I am of you, not of me, so today I give myself to you fully without question, and I ask you to help me make better life decisions so I spend quiet time in reflection with you. You are Him, the One that I live for. I love you so very much. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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