Get Out of the Clouds – Solidify Those Words

I walked through a large portion of my life with the desire to leave a soft spot for people to associate with. I, in person, was a landing-place. My high school year books, filled with student signatures, held a common theme, "Such a nice (sweet) girl." I believe being loving and gentle has its place … Continue reading Get Out of the Clouds – Solidify Those Words


Stored Up Contentment

The green paper we grasp in our hands allows us to buy clothes for our closets (stockpiling what we often don't need), cars that we drive, and it slips gold rings on our fingers. I am convinced, none of these items reflect wealth. The cashier asked the man in the grocery store, "Do you have … Continue reading Stored Up Contentment

I Am Not Trying To Judge

I am not trying to judge. I have heard this statement made a number of times in the recent past, from a variety of folks. It is as if people want to cover their tracks right off the bat, quickly throw in the disclaimer, before they innocently say what they admire, or do not admire. … Continue reading I Am Not Trying To Judge

False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away

The pangs of guilt weren't there five minutes ago, but now we dig through the moment, the day, or further back, seeking the point of error. What did we say or do, did we inflict pain? Have you ever felt a sense of guilt even though you knew you had done nothing wrong? A post … Continue reading False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away

Bestowing Love

I've experienced some amazing gifts of love from strangers recently - hugs and "I love you" statements, cups of coffee purchased at the check out line, sharing of earned points at the convenience store, prayers and requests for prayers, and generosity that goes well beyond the necessary. I am on a mission. For this Month … Continue reading Bestowing Love

The Reminder – Faith, Family and Friends

Have you ever reflected on Christmas's past, or resolved that Christmas had gone dead, that it consisted only of people running from store to store, rudely making their way up and down the aisles, extremely perturbed because they could not figure out how to spend their last dollar - to only spend money that they … Continue reading The Reminder – Faith, Family and Friends

Bundles of Love

She said she was sorry.  I found myself confused. Obviously, my memories where on a different plain than hers. "Mother, I think I missed something. Why are you apologizing?" "We never had money, you never had much for Christmas." I never had much, except for memories of love, joy and warmth. I never had much, … Continue reading Bundles of Love