The Wind Music

The Wind Music

I hear it. So very beautiful. Calming.

The wind music.

As if an angel sits around a corner, not within my sight, he picks up his flute and plays a song of life.

There, I heard the long low note, reminding me of the times when I am quietly waiting for an answer from God. Waiting in peace, for even better things to come.

Then spoke the high notes; go forward today, waste no time in fulfilling your calling. I’m here, I’m here, the soloist plays.

The call of the wind shifts to a rustle across the grass, as a gesture that speaks – the moments of inner peace are more than good. The world is larger than our human eyes can see. Yes, the flute notes edge even higher, yes, you have it now child.

Do you hear music in the wind? Sit still, listen. I hope you find it.

Mary Humphrey

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He makes the winds carry His news…(Psalms 104:4)


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