False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away

The pangs of guilt weren't there five minutes ago, but now we dig through the moment, the day, or further back, seeking the point of error. What did we say or do, did we inflict pain? Have you ever felt a sense of guilt even though you knew you had done nothing wrong? A post … Continue reading False Guilt; His Love Sweeps It Away


The Wind Music

I hear it. So very beautiful. Calming. The wind music. As if an angel sits around a corner, not within my sight, he picks up his flute and plays a song of life. There, I heard the long low note, reminding me of the times when I am quietly waiting for an answer from God. … Continue reading The Wind Music

A Change of Mindset – Part of His Plan

It began as an internal dry pit. Soon, the waters of doubt, dismay, and frustration rained from me, creating muddy water as the chasm filled. The surface disappeared from my sight. I was headlong into an overflow created from my own negative thoughts. As the sun began to spill light into darkness that morning, I … Continue reading A Change of Mindset – Part of His Plan