Opening The Mind – Ask And Listen


I will admit, until today I did not understand the value of texting.

Texting, to me, feels cold and empty.  Texting is a good way to say, “Hey, it is raining here, how about there?”

I attended one of my favorite Twitter chats today, #poCChat (The Power of Connection).  The discussion wrapped around understanding Generation Y – what their needs are, how we can help them, and how they are different from other generations.

I gained a new perspective today.  Generation Y,  just like all of the prior generations, wants to be heard and understood.  But, unlike many of the prior generations, they have technology at their fingertips.  The discussion led to texting.

I openly admitted to not having an understanding of texting.  I expected a backlash today, but didn’t get one.  It was a reminder, the only way to learn and understand is to ask and listen.

About texting – what I picked up in the conversation today is that the younger people, in a snap, clearly differentiate the difference between a shooting the breeze conversation, and conversation that involves emotion (and requires a phone call).  It really is an advanced way of looking at communicating.  I need to grow up my thought process in my “old age.”

These are the reasons for texting:

  • time savings
  • privacy
  • ease (no voice mail)

I am never going to look at texting the same again.

Just, please, don’t text and drive.




6 thoughts on “Opening The Mind – Ask And Listen

  1. Mary Humphrey says:

    I text with close family members, mainly because they work outside of the home, and operate my business from a studio on the farm. It isn’t always convenient for them to contact me. See, it even works for me. I have a new attitude towards texting today.

    Enjoy your day, Amy.

  2. Becky says:

    I LOVE texting! After spending all day on a phone at work the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone when I am not working. And while I am at work I can check in at home and make sure all is well. My family can get messages to me while I work without me having to walk away from my job to reply. Very handy if you ask me!!

    • Mary Humphrey says:

      I really do not know why I resisted texting, Becky. But now, I love to connect briefly, especially with close family members. I agree with you handy – quick and easy.

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