Sour – You Get What You Sow

I could slip into saying turn your lemons into lemonade.  But I do think the term has been overused.

Lemons produce lemons.

Sour brings on sour.

Have you ever noticed how trouble follows trouble?

Sugar brings on sugar.

I do not want to be the sugar.  Too sweet is processed, besides that, it can be dissolved.

I do not want to be the lemon.  Sour lemons results in acidic bitter juice.  I do not want to put that on anyone.

What you give to the world is what you get back.

I think I’ll be a basket of fruit.  I like the variety in life, with a few nuts mixed in.  You too?


3 thoughts on “Sour – You Get What You Sow

  1. goatpod2 says:

    I like variety in life too with a few nuts mixed in! We did bring back a lemon tree from Florida when we were there in late February ’11 to early March ’11, it’s in our kitchen right now.


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