The Many Faces of Fear


If I were to say I am fearless it would be a lie.  Can I really say that I never feel uneasiness? Not with honesty.

I give the two faces of fear names, Real and Perceived.

The face of fear when someone does not want to speak with their new neighbor because they are covered with tattoos and cruise on a loud motorcycle.  Perceived.

The face of fear when walking on a narrow path with a 200 foot drop off just inches away.  Real.

The face of fear when you do not write a book because you imagine your thoughts are not worth sharing.  Perceived.

The face of fear when you are terminally ill.  Real (but can be Perceived).

The face of fear when you dread rejection and do not make a sales call.  Perceived.

Perceived fear can stunt the living of life.  Perceived fear is not a face that I want to keep around.  I treat it as a mask, not a face, because it can be shallow.  A mask can be discarded.

Real fear is worthy as it warns me of imminent danger.  It prepares me to be extremely cautious.  Real fear is a matter of doing what is needed to protect my life.

Perceived fear tries to imitate Real.  Bye-bye Perceived.  See ya’ next time, I dare you to come back, but only for a moment.


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