Writing for Others? Feeling a Loss of Creativity?

Have you ever heard a writer say that they write for others, so they no longer feel like writing creatively for themselves?

Today, I am blogging my thoughts on this bend in my road as a writer, and by the end of this “journal entry” I will come to a conclusion! (Spoiler alert: I did!)

The Work That I Do

For the past year, I have held a small part-time job away from home. I wear many hats in the role, and I enjoy it because it requires a skill set that keeps me fresh – as if all my past positions were wrapped into this one. It also gets me (a tried and true introvert) out and amongst people briefly. It is refreshing, and then I come home and reset. It is perfect in many ways.

This part-time job has also morphed to include a monthly newsletter, as well as frequent requests from the manager and employees to craft emails and conversations because I am “Gifted with just the right words.”

As an in-home small business, I also write blogs for clients. I craft articles on a variety of topics. Some of my favorites are dementia, mental health, women’s issues, and autism.

Unpacking the Box Labeled Creative Writing

What is my dilemma, my bend in the road? I do not feel like writing for myself, creatively. I want to do it. I often think about pulling out my keyboard and clicking away at my thoughts, but in those moments I typically am savoring a break from work.

I see my creativity as if it were sitting on the wings of a jet. How is it hanging on at that speed? I don’t know. But it is there. I can only use creativity if I pull it in and unpack the box, but I can still look out the plane window and see it. It is on the horizon, always.

The Purpose of My Writing

The big question is, am I using my gift as God wants me to?

Well, yes. I will answer my question with a question. How could I not be using my gift in a manner that pleases God? Even on the days when I do not feel like writing, or on the days when I do not feel in tune with the requested topic, I always pray for words that can help others.

Many times I take quick walks. I take notice of the world around me. The smell of the air. The feel of the sun. I listen to my surroundings and absorb the sounds of birds, insects, and even man-made aspects (the highway and planes overhead). And I pray, “Lord, I need your help with this. Who are we helping today? How are we going to reach out?”

A Writer’s Need: Use Your Own Voice

Even today, I realize that this blog may help someone in similar shoes – a writer that feels stretched, perhaps feeling as if they are not using their gift to belt out words from their heart. Or perhaps, writing in many voices of others – but not writing in their own. And, there it is…the answer to my dilemma! I miss using my own voice.

Being a writer can be complicated! Do you agree? Have you been in a similar spot? What do you do to get your personal creativity out of your head and into written words?

Thank you for being here. I enjoyed using my own voice today. Writing is such a joy!


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