When God Calls | Feeling Called to Take a Break

Have you ever beaten yourself up for not finishing a project that you were once passionate about? Know that there is a difference between being called to take a break versus procrastination.

Looking up into heavens (text: When God Calls) www.HisPasturePress.com

Called to Take a Break from Social Media

I felt a pull in my soul this past year to take a break from social media. So, I embraced what I felt in my gut and took action.

After a decade filled with much time and effort posting on social media platforms (I developed connections on the personal side after creating an online presence for my small business), I stopped interacting on all entities except for my blogs (WordPress) and YouTube.

When I first put the brakes on social media, I narrowed it down to regularly checking on my much-loved friends. For a while, I missed the time that I had previously spent on the platforms, but I now realize that I freed myself up from the presence of negativity and other not-so-good aspects. It feels wonderful! Who wants to waste precious time scrolling through social media feeds to only feel let down? For many of us, I feel we excuse this as much-deserved downtime, yet it can be far from relaxing.

What is the main thing that I learned from cutting the constant connection social media cord? The reality is that social media corporations NO LONGER guide my thoughts and emotions.

Called to Refocus – Declutter My Space and Mind

Just recently, I began to feel more nudgings. I heard clean up your space and narrow down your plans. I went into prayer and introspection. I quit most social media, so what else did I need to clean up? It came to me as decluttering my mind.

What exactly does that involve? I believe it includes refocusing and getting rid of what does not fit into the picture. I have work to do! Much of it involves social media, but more specifically to clear my physical space and mind of many of the ideas that I had come up with when I was active on the platforms.

Doing it in Faith (Despite any Fear)

This is scary! It means tossing out loads of paper, notebooks, and pieces of manuscripts that no longer pertain to my life goal(s). My plan is to put what matters most to use – mainly my hand-written journals. I will repurpose the things that I have learned and written while talking to and listening to God.

I’ve often found it scary to do what God orders me to do, but only initially. After I get started, my feelings change as I say okay, I will do this in faith.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (NIV Joshua 1:9)

When we feel in our spirit that the Lord is presenting us with orders to change, there is no saying no. We must move in obedience. We should question, of course, is what I am hearing scripturally correct or sound? Is it coming from my human self – or is it truly from the Holy Spirit?

Trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees.

Dr. Charles Stanley

Recap – Moving from Part A to Part B

In my case, it originally felt as if I was once again called to take a break. But, when I studied what I was hearing, I sensed that it was another part of the social media break (i.e., I completed part A, now I need to move on to part B). Declutter from the mess that I had created when I was deeply embedded in social media! Clean up the physical and mental mess. Narrow down to my real role in life.

I have known for years that I am led to write, and I do this to encourage and help others. It isn’t about gaining a ministry license, as I have started that project more than once. It isn’t about publishing a children’s book. It isn’t about crafts. But, it is about serving the Lord. It is about doing what he designed me to do, to begin with, and avoiding distractions (i.e., from shiny objects/ideas/paths) that don’t make sense in the scheme of things).

A clean-up is in order, and I am doing it.

What about you – what nudges have you felt from the Lord? Have you felt fearful about what you are called to do? Has He asked you to change directions in the midst of things (go from part A to part B…or Z)?


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