Take Care of Each Other, My Boys

Our communication was unique, we quickly realized after we got you that you had been raised and trained in Spanish. As a loving mom, I Googled Spanish command words like shake, get your ball, and sit. I laughed so hard the first time I said shake in Spanish (sacudir) and your paw went up like someone lifted it with a string in perfect English Bulldog form. If you could talk, I think you would have happily said, “Howdy there!” I am not convinced you always understood my English, but I had fun uttering Spanish words to you.


The Heavy Heart of the Herd Keeper

I looked into her eyes for signs of hope. She looks tired. Can she really be that old? Until the end, I will feed you, nurture you, and help you to stand up.  I know, when all four of your hooves are firmly planted on the ground beneath you, you are whole. I hope that … Continue reading The Heavy Heart of the Herd Keeper