The Shepherd’s Work is Never Done

Disciples: If you don't got out there as powerful as a bulldozer - stirring up acres of undisturbed soil every hour - nobody will know who you are, and surely nobody will hear what you have to say, and the message won't get out there at all. What would God say? I cannot answer that, … Continue reading The Shepherd’s Work is Never Done


Let Go and Let In – Peace Joy Stability

I prayed. I believed. I did. I submitted half of my trust. I held onto the other half; gripped the bulging bundle of stubbornness, self-sufficiency, and determination. Held on tight. He could do His work and I would help by doing mine. I knew myself well, after all. Answers to prayers, where were they? Guidance, … Continue reading Let Go and Let In – Peace Joy Stability

The Unborn King

The miles passed under the tires. As if it were following us, the full moon lit up the road until it shimmered through the tree tops, making its way towards the opposite horizon. On that crisp and clear December night my thoughts were of one baby, the birth of the One that so many would … Continue reading The Unborn King