Village of Lafayette, Ingrandes France

This is a continuation of my blog Ingrandes Depot France 1963-1964.

I am delighted to offer this image to my readers, as the original post continues to receive attention from both US Army service members that were stationed in Ingrandes Depot 1963-1964, as well as heart-felt interest from the children of our members as well. Scroll through the comments below the post (link above) to see the interest, and there may just be someone amongst the commenters that you know.

We are are like a distant community with a heart to once again see and talk about our long-ago homes.

I received a recent email from Mr. DECOURT this week. I give him credit for attaching this photo, and I look forward to any additional photos or information that he may provide.

His original comment (from August 27, 2019): “hello, I am the trustee of the condominium village LAFAYETTE in France and yes c well the American residence of your childhoods. We are looking for testimonials and photos of Americans having lived in our residence before your departure. we would like to trace the past of the residence and create an exhibition in the former premises of the drinking water pumping station. Moreover this one has just been painted by the children to the theme of the Franco-American alliance. Here is my contact information so that you can exchange with you and send you photos of the village LAFAYETTE nowadays. cordially Mr DECOURT .”

What a blessing!

Thank you, Monsieur DECOURT.

We lived in unit 40.

I hope you are able to pinpoint where you lived in the village. You should be able to click on the image to enlarge it. If not, we have more options. Please send a message via my Contact page, and I will email a PDF file of the image to you.


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