Feeding My Soul

Feeding my soul seems to be a topic that I’ve been called to talk and write about.

I Said It No Longer Feeds My Soul

The thoughts started rolling into my head as I picked up my phone and recorded a vlog on an entirely different topic. I felt a tug on my heart as I uttered the words, it no longer feeds my soul. It was as if the Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and asked me what does feed my soul mean to you?

Journal Topic: What Does Feed Your Soul Mean?

Soon afterward, I uploaded the video, and then I found myself with my journal in hand. I began writing out the entire experience and it flowed out of my heart and head.

Without completing any research, to ensure that my answer came genuinely from me, I answered the question, what does feed your soul mean? I journaled that it meant nourishing myself spiritually. When I use the term spiritual, I am talking about what we cannot see, our soul and spirit, and how we connect spiritually with God. I am not referring to a spiritual realm in man’s eyes, or in the natural world, instead, I am speaking of spiritual presence in the heavenly realm.

Questions for Validation

Several questions came to me that serve to validate whether something feeds my soul:

  • Is it of God? (My answer to this must be a solid yes to make it soul-nourishing.)
  • Is it pure and wholesome?
  • It is good for my mental health?
  • Does it lift me up versus drag me down?
  • Does it fit in with my value system?
  • Does it bring joy?

Joy versus Happiness

The natural side of my being wanted to ask the question does it make me happy? But I believe we can live a life of joy—faith-based, and chosen, which is much more a constant way of life than a moment in time when we feel happy.

I then felt the geek thermometer rising within me. It spoke to me (laugh with me…please), you must research the words feed my soul on the internet.

Here are some random results from the search terms ‘What does feed my soul mean?’:

  • Doing something you love and/or are passionate about
  • A starved soul feels unhappiness, discontent, and restlessness
  • Experiences that help you understand and strengthen your connection and communion with God (I want MORE of that!)

Soul – My Connection with God

In easy terms, I will say that my soul is my connection with God. With that being said, I want a soul-feeding every day. I want to nourish down into the depths of God’s will for me. I want every piece of that to flourish!

What does feed your soul mean to you?

For me, the meaning of feed my soul (in respect to what I was talking about in the vlog, which I will link to once it publishes) is specific to a calling from the Holy Spirit that I focus on fewer social media channels for my writing and business platform. The overall message was that I focus on my blogs (writing…which God originally called me to do a decade or so ago), and vlogs. Does this feel nourishing to me? Very much so.

How will you feed your soul today?


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