Give Up Your Smart Phone?

I am pondering.

I know, that isn’t descriptive. Better said, I am digging in…deep thought.

Last evening, during my “relaxing hour,” I was watching one of my favorite YouTube channels, Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen. Specifically his video titled, Why I Don’t Use a Smartphone.

Bjorn went on to explain (paraphrased) that he knows it seems strange in this day and age to not own a smartphone, but he knows “it was the right personal choice for me.” He commented that he believes his short-term memory has improved since he gave up his smartphone.

He isn’t the only vlogger that has recently said they do not own a smartphone. Yesterday, a vlogger on a money-saving themed YouTube channel said that you can still get phone plans at the major wireless stores for $25.00 to $35.00 a month. You do have to give up the internet and texting, of course, with these plans. Down-to-the-bone basic phones do not come with a data plan option.


And I ponder.

Do we really need glorified constant connection? Or, is a simple non-smart phone (which is still constant connection) enough?

My latest phone is already losing battery power and I believe it is barely a year old. Just how many apps can a person cram into a phone? As many as it takes. How many social media platforms? As many as it takes. How much of this is needed vs. wanted? How costly is that want?!

And I ponder.

Bjorn’s choice to give up his smart phone resonates with me. I remember when I purchased a smart phone for the first time, perhaps 13-14 years ago (or more?). My thoughts were, “This is for business. It seems rather ludicrous, but if it helps me to grow my business, it is worth it.” Why do I need it now? Even amongst our family’s plan to fire up a new business. We have other devices (at home).

With the various tablets, laptop, Chromebook, and other tech devices around my home, do I still need a smartphone? Do I need the added expense? Can I stay connected without it? These are questions to…ponder. Why does this feel like a major decision? That tells me that it might be life-changing. Changing for the better?

More on this at a later date…

Have you considered giving up your smart phone?


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