Have Patience, My Daughter

Listenand havePatienceI crave the moments when I hear God speaking to me.

When the times arrive, they come on a whisper. Unexpected.

The message greets me not in my perception of when and how. Only in His time and place. His only.

As if He has tapped me on the shoulder. “I am here. Listen.” Yet, sometimes all I know is I am made aware, suddenly. Acutely. Aware.

In the past, I have heard, “Now, sister, what have you learned?”

Most recently, I heard, “Break those chains,” interpreted as He is going to help me through my question, followed by words that included have patience.

Answers. To prayer. In His time.

I obey. I listen. I believe.

Sigh. I can, I will, and I am.

So beautiful.


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