Food for the Soul: Country Ride


Our temperature has been right at a scorching 100°F for about three weeks now. When our friends ask us, “Have you been on your bikes lately?,” our response has been “No, it is too hot!”

Tonight, my husband handed me my bike keys, “I think we need to at least start them.”

As soon as I heard the engines running I wanted to ride.

We took off without a plan, “Let’s head east.”

What was east? We did not know.

After the first 20 minutes we were out of the city and still did not know where “heading east” was on the map.

We kept going…and going.

After a while, my husband pulled off the road “Are you okay? Wanna’ keep going?”

“Yes! I am having the time of my life.”

I was hot and I felt dehydrated, but the feeling of freedom was incredible. I wear a helmet, but this sense of elation could very well be described as the wind in my hair.

I thanked God for the beautiful countryside.

I wanted to etch the scent of fresh mown grass, and of corn being harvested, in my head.

The crazy goats that looked up from their evening hay were an image I will not soon forget. We could have ridden by all day, made several trips in succession, and the goats would still stretch their necks and ears in airplane position, with “surprise” written in their expressions.

The cows with coats that looked like velvet chocolate. Lazily grazing with calves at their side.

Thank you God for reminding me to enjoy the gifts that you’ve made for us.

We stopped at a convenience store. We didn’t know where we were. I was not ready to turn back.

After quenching our thirst, hi-ho away we went, to an unknown destination in the east.

By this time the air felt cool as we passed under trees along shaded creeks. The countryside filled with the heavenly scent of dusk that mirrored the gorgeous sunset.

Two hours.

Time well spent. Heading east to nowhere.

Food for the soul.



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