I don’t get paid to do that.

value others

I don’t get paid to do that. Let me get someone else. Someone else never shows up. You’ve been dropped.

What do you do that you don’t get paid for?

Do you need to get paid to do your job?

There are times when we need to say no. There are times when we have to brush someone quickly out the door, or out of our space – kindness with purpose, in order to earn a paycheck or to focus on our tasks at hand.

What about the work that you do that does not involve payment? Let me rephrase that, do you need a reward to do what is right?

I typed in the wrong phone number when I texted. A response bumped in quickly, “I think you have the wrong number.” A simple reply from me, “I’m sorry. Thank you.” Chirp went my phone at, yet, another reply, “No problem. You are welcome.” I do not know who that person was, but they extended a moment of their life to be to be polite and caring. Impact!

To have a heart is free. The payment from the effort scatters wide…shared by and with many throughout the day.


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