Making An Impact

Do you realize how much of an impact you make on the lives of others? I hope to remember that I do.

It really is sad when someone feels non-existent.  I know, it happens, even if for a moment.

Think about a time when you were brushed off and noticed it.  I will give a glimpse into a short experience I had.  It had been a rushed morning, with more to come.  I watched the clock and planned a quick trip to the local discount store.  As I drove to the store I realized that I needed to slow down and connect with people, if just one, face to face.  My thinking, I was not going to rub off my busy feeling to anyone that morning.  Have you ever made the effort to genuinely smile at someone, to pay attention to what she (or he) had to say, beyond the business transaction at hand? What I received in return was a bag handed to me, without a glimpse upwards, a very mumbled “Have a nice day,” as they turned on their heels to leisurely talk to the other person behind the counter with them.  They never noticed that I stood for a second in amazement before I went out the door.  I am not overly sensitive, mind you, I had not been snubbed by a best friend.

The point is, making an impact begins with a greeting.  Making an impact engages fully when you are genuine, when you put oomph into the connection.

Whether in flesh and blood, or online on a social site, we do make a difference.  As an individual we hold our own unique key to a communication tool that makes an impact.

I may be busy, but I hope to make a difference today.  Someone may just need a small bite of real consideration.  Please give me a nudge if I slip off my mission, I’ll return the favor if you wish.


3 thoughts on “Making An Impact

  1. goatpod2 says:

    We try to make an impact on people!

    We try to understand what my 90 year old Grandma is trying to tell us but it is so hard to do anymore since being moved to the Memory Support unit (the Alzheimer’s unit), I showed her some pictures of her great granddaughter’s when my parent’s & I visited with my 3 niece’s, my sister-in-law at my sister-in-law’s Mom’s house in PA which is only about a 3 hour drive from us and it was our 1st time meeting my 5 mo. old niece and a couple minutes later she asked us again who the baby was and what her name was (my new niece is named after my Grandma’s Mom). She knows we’re related to her somehow but she always knows my Dad by name though, she usually calls me her friend and my Mom the nice lady that comes to visit her.


  2. Becky says:

    So true, Mary. I try hard to really “mean it” when I say “Have a great day”. In the work I am in currently (customer service) I hear it day in and day out that it’s just words to say with no real meaning behind it.

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