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WRiting nourishes the soulWith the study of my intentions this season, I have realized how I have let soulful creativity go to the wayside.

Pleasure and peaceful soul nourishment comes to me through writing.

One of my favorite coaching questions to ask my clients is: Name one thing you do that leads you to forget about time, environment, your problems, EVERYTHING? How I personally answer that question: when I write.

To me, writing is like a painting. I see a landscape. I see color. I pick up the paintbrush and I dip it into paint (I move my fingers across the keyboard) and colors begin to glide across the screen (my inner-thoughts). I share my inner-most through the nature of my mind. I encourage. I build. I pour it out, and the world goes away — whoosh — it vanishes.

There was a time, about a decade ago, when I didn’t know that I had the itch (niche?) to write. One day, I heard an urging from God, “You will write.” I was mortified — me, write? I felt a response come forward, “Yes. I’ll put everything you need in your heart and head. You simply do the writing.”

I started a blog. Then another, and another (I currently have a handful here that are in operation, here, here, and here, and some are sadly neglected. Not for long.).

I don’t believe in putting all of your eggs in one basket come New Year’s Day. Goals, intentions, are hard to meet…but…I do believe in nourishing your soul. I believe when you are internally fulfilled, you are released to reach your full potential.

Today, my intentions are to reach that potential in 2018!


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