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dreamstime_s_61457120You’ve seen the videos of bulldogs surfing, riding a skateboard, or rolling down a hill. Mine does none of that.

When Diesel was young, around 9 weeks old, I didn’t think he liked me. I obviously did not understand bulldogs because that unhappy look became the stern typical bulldog look.

Of course, my husband reminds me that when we first got our bulldog I was taking an aromatherapy course and I involved with my projects. He endured. He knew where my trial products were stored and he stared at the drawer every night until I opened a bottle for him to sniff. He loved the lavender concoctions.

I never trained our boy to do the correct things, like sit, stay, or don’t jump on people. He does – or does not do – all of this on his own, but not because I’ve trained him. Instead, I taught him “Brain Waves.” Yes, he thinks it is a normal thing to put his forehead against mine while we stare into each other’s eyes.

He recently learned how to “shake” paws, but instead of a high-five (which I sometimes get him to do), he puts his paw in my hand and I have to rub it, count his toes, and talk to him in a soothing voice. He loves it. I think I do too.

He also has a turkey leg. When he was a pup he was trained by our elder female boxer to go outside and do his duty. She was a very obedient dog. Out they would go, and back in they came. No fencing, out in the country. One day he barreled in through back door and quickly walked by me. I reached down to touch the cute little independant bellow. His back leg shot out like a tiny turkey leg, straight out. He stood rigid on all 3’s. It was funny, you had to have been there. I ended up laughing with tears streaming down my face. To this day, his favorite thing is a rub on the front side of his turkey leg. He’ll flop over and fall asleep, snoring seconds later, after a late night turkey leg rub.

I know, this blog post is like hearing long stories about someone else’s children, which is nice for short periods of time, but eventually…yawn.

I want 2 or 3 bulldogs, but I have enough on my plate for now. Someday…someday.

If you want a well-behaved dog, this is the one to get. If you want a dog that does not drool. This is not the dog to get. If you want a dog that seldom needs maintenance. This is not the breed to get (I will explain in another blog post). If you want loyalty, this is the dog to get. If you want a dog that snores. This is the dog to get.

I love my boy.

What is your favorite dog breed? BTW…I like mutts too. Me and the dog from the third floor touch noses when she walks down the stairs. Yes, we go nose-to-nose when she reaches my level and she now expects it. Our lovely gift from God, animals for companionship and fun.


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