Stained Glass Memories

I slowly inched up the steps in an effort to not give myself away, yet the boards under my feet creaked and moaned. I stopped and pressed my nose to the panes. My young head didn't know of such things...yet, what I saw was close to divine beauty in my heart. As I slowly shifted … Continue reading Stained Glass Memories


Bundles of Love

She said she was sorry.  I found myself confused. Obviously, my memories where on a different plain than hers. "Mother, I think I missed something. Why are you apologizing?" "We never had money, you never had much for Christmas." I never had much, except for memories of love, joy and warmth. I never had much, … Continue reading Bundles of Love

Ingrandes Depot France 1963-1964

My father was in the U.S. Army for many years, he retired as a Master Sargeant, the highest ranking he could obtain without going back to school. Through the years my father was assigned to many different positions (mainly finance, accounting, and instructing), and he was stationed in many distant locations.  I worried myself crazy … Continue reading Ingrandes Depot France 1963-1964

Pig Pen Memories

When I was a child I did not understand the female adult comments directed towards me, "Why don't you fix that hair?" The day my grandmother and mother took charge of my hair was totally devastating to me.  Could I ever step back outside? My care-free, non-attention getting hair, went from shiny and straight, to … Continue reading Pig Pen Memories