Novel Coronavirus – Fear or Distraction? covid19 fear awarenessSandwiched in-between media about how to avoid the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, are wide-spread articles and personal comments which guide people to not fear this disease.

I’ve seen the physical evidence of fear (panic?) in the grocery store. Signs have been placed above and on empty store shelves that clearly denote “Only 4 Per Customer.” Notice, I said EMPTY store shelves.

Two weeks ago, before limits were set on hand sanitizer, I witnessed an individual filling the top of her grocery cart with every available bottle. My head filled with thoughts, one of which was, “Wow, and we have no cases in the U.S. at this time. This is either a fear-filled person or she knows something that I do not.” No fear in my head – just awareness.

I began following the novel coronavirus disease 2019 on media back in (I believe) mid-January 2020. I saw the early numbers of people that contracted the disease in China, and then I quickly saw the numbers double and triple. I also discerned that part of the numbers didn’t make sense … that a cover-up was taking place. My concern grew. Not my fear. I fell to my knees in prayer. “Father, why are you allowing this? Why are you allowing the rapid spread of this disease? Why are you not convicting those that aren’t telling the truth about the disease? How can a government, or people, whatever … get away with lying about the number of deaths?”

I heard the Lord press on my heart that he will not stop this disease and that this is His warning. After all, he is the healer. He is the One that can stop the disease.

Onwards I went. No fear. Concern? Yes.

Today, as I went to a public laundromat, friends handed Clorox wipes to me and said, “You need to use these.” When I finished and had shut the doors behind me, I wiped my hands, phone, and other belongings off with the wipes.

My friends and I talked about faith today. Not fear. We talked about our safety. We have victory no matter what happens. Yes, we do. He has this.

I talked about how I know this as a succinct distraction from Satan. A deflection from the enemy. A deviation from a focus on God, instead it is an (idolization) on COVID-19.

Have you diverted to clicking on media more than several times each day to view the latest news on the virus? You may have noticed that major news channels are now running “live” news, updated by the minute. I don’t watch television. For many years, my news has come (carefully and discerningly) from Google and trusted media sources. Actually, who is to trust when you really think about it? We must use our heads in this!

I believe this is part of the mass hysteria that is leading folks to purchase every bottle of hand sanitizer … toilet paper, bottled water, etc. in the store. People do not know who to trust. 

For me and my family. I am trusting that I am aware of my own health at this very moment. I am trusting that God has this. I am trusting that life will return to normal, which means, life will go on without this outbreak in the future. I am trusting that I will do everything that the experts recommend to avoid the disease.

No fear. No diversion. Treating life as it is – beautiful – without the deviations that the evil one is having a good old time with right now.


Will the disease hit home? It might.

What do stress and fear do for us besides driving a wedge into our immune system? Reject that. Don’t give stress or fear a minuscule moment of your time.

Be safe, be smart, and may you and your family remain healthy.


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